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ADEE6Y7FE7Enabled Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook to run on a Citrix server.
MROE78QL9CPrior to this fix, the attachment file name was not converted from LMBCS to Native. And the incorrect file name was displayed in Microsoft...
MROE7BXMF5Fixed a problem where the UNID was incorrect on additional invitations from DWA, or missing in other cases. In each case, the meeting did not show...
MLEY7A2KCVFixed a problem where the Category field would not replicate in Contacts between DAMO and Domino.
CAML74ASC6Fixed a problem where DAMO could not sync MIME mail with an attachment that was missing Content-Transfer-Encoding type.
JADS728SPMNotes Single Logon is no longer uninstalled if used by another application.
SDOY7A2M5FMail messages no longer appear with quotation marks in DAMO.
SDOY77VDKZDAMO attachments with slovenian characters in the filename no longer appear corrupt when sent in html.
NRBY725HLPFor users with both Microsoft Outlook and the Notes client, it was possible to clear out the Availability times, which would lead to a crash on DAMO....
FSIZ7CFNYZFixed a problem where even though the Notes Chair updated the subject of a recurring meeting on one occurrence, it was not replicated to the chair's...
FSIZ7CMQZ3Fixed a problem when a DAMO chair changed the subject in one of the recurring meetings and sent an update, the change in the subject field was not...
PNON78JJFFPrior to this fix, when using Outlook 2007 and changing the meeting start time, the meeting was removed from the invitees calendar.
MROE7AJKEKPrior to this fix, the Rich Text conversion to DAMO was incorrect for some regional configurations. Work around is to manually add...
NMGE72QM6QFixed a problem where a change event occurance in Microsoft Outlook was not recognized in another Outlook Client.
MROE75PQM7Fixed a problem where DAMO was not handling uuencoded attachments correctly. An incorrect MIME header caused the MIME code to display in Outlook. ...


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